The United We Stand for America program is being sold to you at our cost.  That's right... our cost!  God has given us a mission, and He wants us all to unite across the U.S.  This will help put America back to work!

Whether you have a small organization or a large one, we can supply you with the
tools to make your fundraiser a fun and profitable one. With no upfront cost to you, and the option to choose your selling price, your group has unlimited profit potential.

Pictured above is Screen Works' United We Stand design, produced to help in the 9/11 aftermath. As most Americans, Screen Works, a screen printing company in Dayton Ohio, desired to help in a time of our nation's greatest tragedy. Screen Works conceived the design just 3 hours after the events of 9/11 transpired. The company contacted the American Red Cross offering to donate proceeds from the sale of the design on t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Company owners, Jeff Cottrell and Ron Witters boldly proclaimed on local media that Screen Works would raise a $1,000,000 to help in these great disasters. To meet that end the two owners dedicated their entire operation to the cause. For almost a month Screen Works only business was order taking, production and fulfillment of United We Stand shirts.

In early October
Screen Works was able to present a check to the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund for $1,000,000.

For their efforts,
Screen Works received commendations from the President of the United States, the Governor of Ohio and Congressional leaders . In late October the Honorable Tony Hall read Screen Works achievement into the Congressional Record of the United States. To date it’s still the company’s finest hour.

In 2007, Ron Witters got a call one day from a man that wanted a pair of shorts and shirts printed. This guy said he had won the tuff man competition in Dayton Ohio, and was now an Ultimate fighter. He said he was going to Tampa on Veterans' Day to fight in honor of Matt Maupin, US Army (POW/MIA/KIA) and all our Troops! After discussing this with co-owner Jeff Cottrell, they thought of working with this fighter to restart Screen Works' "Know Your Enemy Sports" line. Jeff received a vision from God to use this for something even larger. Jeff's vision was about uniting Americans again in support of those men and women risking their lives for our country. He also felt this could be a way of bringing back American jobs through the textile industry.


Jeff and Ron felt a new need was being unmet in our nation. Having our men and women of the military across the globe risking their lives for ours, while having their families here at home struggling with day to day needs, they set on a goal of raising money and awareness for our armed forces and their families. Through the company's Know Your Enemy Sports line, and now through United We Stand for America, Screen Works has already helped raise thousands of dollars for various charities, like the Yellow Ribbon Support Center, and Patriot Guard Riders.

We thank God for giving us the vision for this project to reunite Americans behind our great military men and women.



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