Below are Stats and Links related to job losses in America for 2008. If you find a link that is no longer active, please contact us and we will either find a new link for this info. or remove the link and leave the details.

Please note, job loss stats in America are NOT listed here in their entirety. This is merely a
FRACTION of the data that we have found and posted. If you have something to add just e-mail us. Thank you and God Bless you!

12.11.08 AP reports New unemployment claims surge unexpectedly from 515,000 to 573,000 [read]
12.11.08 Sarah Lee cuts 700 jobs [read]
12.11.08 KB Toys Employer to 10,850 plans to shut down [read]
12.11.08 USA Today reports unemployment claims reach 26-yr high! [read]
12.11.08 NPR Eliminate 64 positions [read]
12.10.08 Office Depot to cut 2,200 jobs [read]
12.09.08 Anheuser-Busch to cut 2,065 jobs [read]
12.09.08 AK Steele
(Ashland, KY)
Plans massive lay off of 1,190 [read]
12.09.08 NFL eliminates 150 of its staff [read]
12.09.08 Sony to axe 16,000 jobs [read]
12.09.08 Tyco plans to lay off 25,000 people worldwide [read]
12.08.08 Yahoo will terminate 1,500 workers on Wednesday [read]
12.08.08 Press Trust of India reports US: 30,000 jobs gone in last week and still counting [read]
12.08.08 Netflix cuts 50 Tech Jobs [read]
12.08.08 Dow Chemical to close facilities, cut 5,000 jobs [read]
12.07.08 Tribune prepares for bankruptcy filing -WSJ [read]
12.06.08 3M sheds 2,300 jobs [read]
12.05.08 General Motors to lay off 2,000 more workers [read]
12.05.08 Bank of America could eliminate 30,000 jobs [read]
12.05.08 ABC News reports 533,000 Jobs Lost in November [read]
12.05.08 News Daily reports Job losses worst since 1974
Lost: 1.9 million jobs
12.05.08 AP reports

Half-million jobs vanish as economy deteriorates

12.04.08 AT&T plans to cut 12,000 jobs [read]
12.04.08 Dupont will cut 2,500 jobs. It also plans to eliminate 4,000 contractors this month, with more contractor cuts in 2009. [read]
12.04.08 East Tennessee Zinc Company to shutter three mines and layoff 320 employees [read]
12.04.08 Viacom will cut about 850 jobs [read]
12.04.08 Real Networks to lay off 130 employees [read]
12.04.08 Credit Suisse's 5,300 planned job cuts worldwide [read]
12.03.08 Adobe to slash 600 jobs [read]
12.03.08 Dayton Sheriff's office laying off up to 23 deputies [read]
12.03.08 Pratt & Whitney lays off 350 employees [read]
12.03.08 Renfro Corp. Closes plant. 570 workers unemployed. [read]
12.01.08 GM Moraine 5,000 jobs lost [read]
12.01.08 JPMorgan Chase & Co said it plans to cut 9,200 positions at Washington Mutual [read]
11.25.08 ABX Air to lay off 283 in addition to the 158 jobs eliminated [read]
11.24.08 Fierce Healthcare reports Healthcare on track to set record for mass layoffs [read]
11.24.08 New York City Massive Job Losses Expected 225,000 Will Lose Private Sector Jobs [read]
11.21.08 Philips Healthcare hit with 1,600 layoffs as state reels from employment [read]
11.20.08 Whirlpool to lay off 100 [read]
11.20.08 The Associated Press plans to cut 400 employees [read]
11.19.08 WaMu may lay off up to 3,000 [read]
11.18.08 KLA-Tencor to cut 900 jobs [read]
11.17.08 Focus on the Family plans to cut 202 jobs [read]
11.17.08 Google is expected to lay off close to 10,000 [read]
11.17.08 HP-EDS cuts 24,600 jobs worldwide [read]
11.17.08 Citigroup to slash 52,000 jobs [read]
11.14.08 Sun Microsystems to cut up to 6,000 jobs [read]
11.14.08 Whirlpool to lay off 300 salaried workers [read]
11.14.08 Fidelity to cut 1,700 jobs in 2nd round of layoffs [read]
11.13.08 General Motors to cut 3,600 Early 2009 [read]
11.13.08 US Steel lays off 675 workers in US, Canada [read]
11.10.08 DHL to lay off 9,500 employees in U.S. [read]
11.10.08 Nortel plans to cut 1,300 job [read]
11.07.08 Mattel to Cut 1,000 jobs [read]
11.06.08 ADP Payroll 157,000 jobs cut [read]
11.05.08 Goldman Sachs to cut 10%, or almost 3,300 jobs [read]
11.05.08 AMD slashes 500 more jobs [read]
11.04.08 Nokia announces 600 layoffs [read]
11.03.08 Circuit City eliminating 17% of its workforce, or roughly 7,800 jobs [read]
10.30.08 Chrysler GM 30,000 to 40,000 to lose their job [read]
10.30.08 Electric Arts lays off 600 [read]
10.24.08 Comcast cuts 300 positions [read]
10.24.08 Chrysler additional 1,825 layoffs expected [read]
10.23.08 Xerox plans to cut 3,000 jobs [read]
10.21.08 National City to cut 4,000 jobs [read]
10.20.08 Texas Instruments 300 employees to get pink slips [read]
10.16.08 Yahoo cutting 3500 jobs [read]
10.13.08 General Motors Michigan plant, cut 1,340 jobs [read]
10.06.08 eBay buys Bill Me Later, lays off 1,000 [read]
09.25.08 Chrysler to lay off 300 salaried workers [read]
09.15.08 HP to slash 24,600 jobs following EDS buy [read]
07.02.08 United Healthcare cuts 4,000 jobs [read]
07.01.08 Chryler to lay off 2,400 in Fenton [read]
05.06.08 Merck to cut 1,200 sales reps [read]
03.26.08 CNET slashing 120 jobs [read]
03.03.08 Ford to lay off some 2,500 workers [read]
02.29.08 General Motors closes more plants; 12,000 workers idle [read]
02.21.08 Starbucks slashes 600 jobs [read]
01.03.08 Chrysler to lay off 1,096 at Belvidere [read]


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