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Here is a letter we recently wrote to President Obama asking him to join
www.UnitedWeStandForAmerica.org  to work for change. As powerful as the words are it's just one voice. By adding your voice and asking other to lend theirs we become a force that can really make changes in our country.  Please copy the letter below and go to this website http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/.  Fill out the contact information, paste the letter into comments put your name at the bottom, just below Sincerely, and click submit. It takes about 60 seconds to do but it can produce a lifetime of change.

Dear Mr. President,

I am excited to introduce an initiative promising necessary change in our nation that was born right here in Dayton, Ohio. Please come visit us to witness how the program "United We Stand for America" can make a powerful difference to change the tide of our nation and help you fulfill your campaign promise to change to the American people.

The once proud label "Made in America" has now virtually disappeared as American jobs have hemorrhaged over the last decade. One industry that has suffered immense losses and thus caused great financial hardship in the lives of countless families is the garment industry where it now has become almost impossible to find any apparel made in the USA.

My mother, along with many of my family and friends earned their livelihoods in the American garment industry. Sadly, just since 1997, over 649 textile mills have closed in our country.

Since 2007, "United We Stand for America" has pioneered a series of vital fundraising programs touching the lives of our nation in a variety of significant ways:

- The Honor Flight effort founded and coordinated by Earl Morse sponsors FREE trips to courageous survivors of WWII to visit their memorial in Washington D.C. This Awesome program will continue Honoring Veterans of every war...
- National K.I.D.S. (Kids Identity Safety) is a rewards t-shirt Program for children, for knowing their complete name, address and phone number.
- For God and Country, this beautiful t-shirt design will put the Ten Commandments on the back of every believer in our Great Nation. "One Nation under God" with the "we the people" and the Statue of Liberty standing proud. Honoring our Military, has helped Churches and Organizations fund their missions and Gods word.
- After Matt Maupin (POW/MIA/KIC) became our first captured soldier in the Iraq war, the ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL t-shirt design was born and funds have continued to benefit our current armed forces and their families.
- Haiti Relief Program... Another way for Churches and Organizations to help raise the needed funds to rebuild Haiti...

The parent company of "United We Stand for America" is Screen Works, Inc. Right after 9/11 we raised one million dollars with a t-shirt in just three weeks for the American Red Cross, thanks to the media, the community and all the great volunteers. We received letters of commendations from President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Governor Bob Taft, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and introduced into the Congressional Record of the United States by the Honorable Tony Hall.

Mr. President, I believe we need the continuing support for the men and women and the families of those serving in harms way. Freedom isn't Free and during the conflicts we are now facing in Iraq and Afghanistan we owe our men and women serving all the support and gratitude we can give them.

I am inviting you after prayerful consideration on your part, to support our current programs that will also have a major impact in reviving the garment industry in our nation. Produced at our cost, American made t-shirts will be 100% produced and printed at companies across American that need the work. As American mills and printing companies return to life, the lives of so many will be blessed and hope will be renewed as people experience the positive impact from your support in causing this vital change.

I pray for God to give you the wisdom and knowledge as you guide our Great Nation! God Bless you and your family! I look forward to meeting with you at Screen Works to learn more about this exciting opportunity.


Jeff Cottrell, President
Screen Works, Inc.

Helping to put America back to work one shirt at a time!


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